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Topobo has been proven to playfully teach children ages 5-adult advanced physics, robotics, and computing concepts. Usually, kids don't get to play with these ideas until they get to college. Read more in our research papers.

Sculpting Behavior: A Tangible Language For Hands-On Play and Learning (H. Raffle's PhD Thesis) (2.5 MB pdf)

Topobo: A Constructive Assembly System With Kinetic Memory (CHI '04) (1 MB pdf)

Topobo in the Wild: Longitudinal Evaluations of Educators Appropriating a Tangible Interface (1 MB pdf)

Beyond Record and Play — Backpacks: Tangible Modulators for Kinetic Behavior (CHI '06) (2.5 MB pdf)

Robo Topobo: Improvisational Performance with Robotic Toys (SIGGRAPH '06) (250 kb pdf)

Remix and Robo: sampling, sequencing and real-time control of a tangible robotic construction system (IDC '07) (500 kb pdf)

Topobo: A 3-D Constructive Assembly System with Kinetic Memory (H. Raffle Master's Thesis, MIT) (2 MB pdf)

Topobo for Tangible Learning (unpublished) (2 MB pdf)



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Invented by Hayes Raffle, Amanda Parkes and Hiroshi Ishii at the MIT Media Lab