Remix & Robo Topobo
Hayes Raffle • Laura Yip


Robo is used to control a moose and a flower in a robotic puppet show

Remix tangible sampler/sequencer

Remix and Robo are new composition and performance-based tools for robotics control. Remix is a tangible interface used to sample, organize and manipulate gesturally-recorded robotic motions. Robo is a modified game controller used to capture robotic motions, adjust global motion parameters and execute motion recordings in real-time.

We apply an interaction model from the audio domain to the robotic domain: the model Record, Sample, Sequence, and Perform is used to compose robotic motion, rather than music. We explore how this interaction model can make robotics design more intuitive, playful and performative for children. In our research, children use Remix and Robo for activities that are both artistic (e.g. robotic puppet shows) and athletic (e.g. robot competitions).

Our objective is to provide new entry paths into robotics learning. Whereas robotic design is typically rooted in engineering paradigms, with Remix and Robo users pursue cooperative and competitive social performances. Activities like character design and robot competitions introduce a social context that motivates learners to focus and reflect upon their understanding of the robotic manipulative itself.

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