Topobo System
Designed by Hayes Raffle, Amanda Parkes, Hiroshi Ishii and more at the MIT Media Lab

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What makes Topobo different from ordinary construction toys? Topobo can record and playback physical motion! Snap Actives and Passives together into a moose, move the moose's body in your hands, and then watch the moose walk and dance by itself.

Unlike most robotic construction kits, Topobo doesn't require a computer to teach it how to behave: to program it, just move it around!

Passives are nine different building blocks based on cubic and tetrahedral crystals. Explore natural patterns as you combine the nine shapes into millions of creative combinations.
Actives are robotic nodes with kinetic memory. To program an active, just push a button to start recording, turn the axis in your hand to teach a movement, and push the button again to begin playback. The Active will repeatedly recreate your exact movement.
Queen Actives can teach other Actives to mimic their movements. Queens can be used as remote controllers, or for centralized control.
aa Backpacks add sensors, feedback and variable control to Topobo without the need for traditional programming.
a Robo Topobo is a remote controller to improvise and perform with a hands-on programmable modeling kit.
a Topobo Remix is a sampler / sequencer to compose robotic motion.


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Invented by Hayes Raffle, Amanda Parkes and Hiroshi Ishii at the MIT Media Lab