construction kit with kinetic memory

What is it like to sculpt with motion? Topobo is the world's first construction toy with kinetic memory, the ability to record and playback physical motion. Snap together Passive (static) and Active (robotic) pieces into a creation, and with a press of a button and a flick of your wrist, you can teach your creation how to dance or walk. The same way you can learn how buildings stand by stacking up blocks, you can discover how animals walk by playing with Topobo.

Topobo was awarded the "most playful robotic toy" by the Robots at Play competition, and has been proven to teach advanced physics concepts to children as young as 5 as well as improve social interactions for autistic children.

Topobo is available from Topobo Korea, or by contacting us below.

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Invented by Hayes Raffle and Amanda Parkes at the MIT Media Lab