Creation Books

Topobo Creation Books show anyone how to make dozens of different creations with Topobo. Topobo playfully introduces concepts related to information and computing technology (ICT) including algorithms, programming, memory, turn-taking, lists, and networking. Because Topobo is based on organic systems, the activities also introduce concepts unique to Topobo, such as locomotion, geometry in 2D and 3D, nature, and ecology. 

Topobo doesn’t require any computers – all of the smarts are built into the toys, so kids spend time, tinkering, playing and working together, not looking at screens.


Maria Sousa

Elementary School Educator, Brazil
Kids are already using Topobo and loving it! (7 and 9 year old children). In fact, children and adults are loving it. 🙂

Big Creation Book

71 pages

Dozens of animals, objects and dinosaurs.


Small Creation Book

53 pages

Geometries, animals, toys and tools.


Beginner Creation Book

21 pages

Animals, decorations, symbols and more.