Topobo Curriculae have been developed and extensively tested in classrooms grades K-2 in South Korea, a world-leader in STEM education for young children. Nearly 150 activities are organized by grade and progress cumulatively to playfully introduce concepts related to information and computing technology (ICT). Concepts include algorithms, programming, memory, turn-taking, lists, and networking. Because Topobo is based on organic systems, the activities also introduce concepts unique to Topobo, such as locomotion, geometry in 2D and 3D, nature, and ecology. Activities can be coupled with existing curriculum to provide children a way to make abstract concepts concrete.

Topobo teaches computing concepts without requiring any computers – all of the smarts are built into the toys, so kids spend time, tinkering, playing and working together, not looking at screens.



After school educator, grades 4-7
“What Topobo offers is that surprise element...It’s intriguing just in its design and its newness, it has that cool factor... Teachers have to teach and reteach and do it in different modalities and do it in different intelligences in hopes that you hit the one of every kid.”

Kindergarten Curriculum

48 Activities for ages 5-6

Introduce STEM to Kindergarteners with fun weekly activities.


1st Grade Curriculum

48 Activities for ages 6-7

First graders explore STEM concepts through 48 classroom learning activities.


2nd Grade Curriculum

48 Activities for ages 7-8

Explore programming, construction, and algorithms with 48 fun hands-on group activities.